Art, Craft and yoga







Drawing and Colouring

Radiant Fun with Colours

Books A, B, 1–8 (in 10 Parts)  



Radiant Fun with Colours is designed to make the child eager to think, concentrate on fascinating colours, imagine beauty, to observe the relationships of lines and curves and draw with accuracy. It is a sure way to build the child's confidence and to encourage him/her.

The series starts with basic geometrical shapes with corresponding objects. Different techniques, like step drawing, drawing in grids, outline drawing, design and symmetrical objects are introduced. The child can improve his/her drawing by practicing all the methods. The child has the freedom to choose any of the commonly used colouring aids, i.e. crayons, colour pencils, water colours, sketch pens or pastel colours.










for Creative Kids (in 7 Parts)



• Based on the guidelines of the national syllabus
• Full of original, practical & challenging activities
• Step-by-step instructions along with colorful illustrations & diagrams provided
• Craft material such as stickers, colour papers, icecream spoons, cotton balls, buttons, daals, rice, wool, etc.







Radiant Origami

Books A, B, 1–5 (in 7 Parts)




Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into decorative objects such as birds, animals and various shapes. Origami forms an integral part of the curriculum of Art and Craft in all schools. The aim of this subject is to build the child’s creativity and imagination. The series contains clear and colourful diagrams, simple instructions along with origami folds and symbols.








Yoga for Children




Yoga for Children is specially designed for School co-curricular Activity and Young Yoga Enthusiasts. Yoga lessons in this book help the students to develop positive attitude, increase inner strength and personality development. With slow and steady practice, students will experience increase in concentration, relaxation and tranquility.