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Working with ReQ is the most efficient way to reach academic, research and corporate information users. Our comprehensive marketing and sales service can save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the business of publishing.

Our Indian sales force operates from more than 9 offices around the country, selling to customers which number more than 1,000 institutions. With a loyal customer base, we are regarded by thousands of publishers as an essential partner in helping them reach a breadth of subscribers that they could not reach alone. We can do the same for you.

Maximise your potential with our marketing and sales distribution services you can increase your presence in leading and emerging markets. Our understanding of the Indian market and business culture also ensures that your subscribers receive outstanding service and support.

Extend your reach and expand your visibility

Today's dynamic information marketplace can place tough demands on your customer service capabilities, budget and time. We can help.

  • Extend your reach to buyers and users across the Indian subcontinent
  • Establish or grow your presence in leading and emerging markets
  • Control your financing costs
  • Ensure your customers get outstanding service and support
  • Remove the time and headaches in managing the distribution of subscriptions yourself

How would publishers benefit

Working with ReQ is the most efficient way to reach information users. Our comprehensive publisher services can save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the business of publishing.

  • 75 Years of Experience and Evolution - We have been in touch with end users since the establishment of Allied Publishers Group in 1934. We have strengthened that relationship over the decades and have evolved as per the needs of our clients. The creation of Allied Publishers Subscription Agency in 1974 was specifically for this purpose only, in order to tap the print journal service requirement in the market. Once we noticed that there was an interest for electronic resources over print resources, we established Radiant e-Quest to cater to our customers needs for electronic resources.
  • Nationwide Presence - We are the only agents in India to have offices in 9 major cities throughout the length and breadth of the country.
  • Promotion Campaign - We have a highly evolved system of promotion and marketing of e-resources, namely:-
    • E-mail Promotion
    • Snail Mail Promotion
    • Direct Sales Promotion
    • Tele-Marketing Promotion
    • Promotion through exhibitions and seminars
  • Experienced Team - A company is as good as the people in the company. We have a very experienced team of managers who have a minimum of 20 years experience in the field of selling information products. They also have excellent relationships with the end user community, with whom they have been dealing with for decades.
  • Consortia Knowledge - In today's day and age, most institutions are using the power of collective buying to increasing the amount and quality of information accessed at an affordable price. At ReQ we have established a contact with most of all the consortia's in India, and are also supplying e-journals and e-books to them.

Publishers Contact Us

In case any e-publisher would like us to represent them in India as well as the SAARC countries kindly contact us. We would take on the entire responsibility of promotion, selling, collection and after sales activities of your product. Kindly contact Mr. Arjun Sachdev.

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